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In the table below you can read about specific projects that belongs to Children's Health service, and for which purpose the money is stated to be used.
Observe that money donated to CYP1100, Children's Health Service, not automatically is given to the projects shown below, but that this projects is separated but belonging to Children's Health Service.
Money donated to CYP1100, Children's Health Service, is used to cover children's needs in the CARAGA-region, and enable FTMW to include children not belonging to our ordinary program. I.e. that we can offer more children to follow in health check-ups, be included in vaccinations, operations etc.
No. Description Project No. Link
1100 Collect boxes for Child Health Care CYP1100 1100
Donations can be swished in Sweden to:    9004599
or paid to us in EURO or SEK on followed account:
90 04 59-9 EUR
90 04 59-9 SEK
IBAN SE31 9500 0099 6042 0418 2960
Bank: NORDEA Sweden
For further information, please contact:
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Att: Klaveness
Ekgatan 7B
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Phone: +46 40 497 969
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90 04 59-9 SEK & EUR
9004599    Swish
Bg 900-4599
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Bank: NORDEA Sweden
IBAN SE31 9500 0099 6042 0418 2960
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