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Child Care program and Aid to people program 2005
You can during the month of December follow us when we visit our three new sponsored children in Mindanao.
Our travel in Mindanao for visiting the sponsored children will be between December 12 and 22. Pictures will be uploaded on this page between December 16 and 28.
Diary is shown after pictures and updated more frequently!
Following is a presentation of the children that recently in September get new sponsors:


aspd131 Rosauro P. Lijarzo
Rosauro is born in September 10 2001 and has a sponsor in Gothenburg, Sweden
We will meet Rosauro in his small village in the jungle of Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur.
Here comes new pictures of Rosauro since we met him last December 17.
Rosauro siting home
We found Rosauro sitting at home wondering what it all was about when we first came at the door.





"Rosauro has got a sponsor!"
We told the family and they could not
believe that it is really true.
"Rosauro has got a birthday gift too!"
We told and we need to make a plan
with you so that Rosauro will stay
healthy and clean so that he will get a good education.
Rosauro get very excited when he heard that he received a
birthday gift.
He decided to go to the "Big town" Prosperidad, were he had never been in his whole life and it was the first time their purpose was to go shopping and buy a birthday gift.
Here you can see Rosauro with a card from his sponsor.
He really rejoiced, what a beautiful card!
Rosauro and his family is not able to read English, why he
also has received a translation to Visaya language of the
message on the card from sponsor.
Rosauro and his family say: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
and God bless to his beloved sponsor.
Rosauro with shake
What a taste!
Rosauro and his older brother tasted mango shake for the first time in their entire life!
Rosauro and his family had a birthday party together in
a restaurant which was an experience that nobody in his family had experienced before ever!
Rosauro's family
Here are the entire family of Rosauro.
His father work as a farmer while his mother stay home with Rosauro and his two brothers and an elder sister.
Rosauro bought two pair of T-shirt, two pair of pants and slippers for himself and one pair each to his older brother and sister. He also bought one toy to himself and a toy for his little baby brother.


All this only by the money from the birthday gift. Now also Pastor Lorenzo Quintas, that is new contact person for Rosauro will draw a plan for Rosauro's future.
A future that look bright as his sponsor pay 20EURO only per month.
snmw010 Rushel Mae P. Tesado
Rushel Mae is born in October 30 2001 and has a sponsor in Sweden
We will visit Rushel in the Negrito tribe Mamanwa in the jungle outside Taganito, Surigao del Norte.


Here comes new pictures of Rushel Mae since we met her and her family last December 14.


Ruchel dec 2005
This is Rushel Mae and her younger brother.
They are today living outside Mamanwa village since there was a small conflict between her father (who is not Mamanwa) and Mamanwa tribe.
The choice of Rushel Mae came in good time, and she rejoice that she will be able to face a new future. Still they have the hope to be in reunion with their tribal friends, why we also visited the village and explained this new situation and what good it will be also for the tribe.
New teacher
May we here take the opportunity to introduce one of the new teachers who work with education for Mamanwa tribe in Taganito.
She, as her workmate, receives their salary from TMC, Taganito Mining Corporation. TMC know Sweden good as they also use Volvo dumpers which they highly appreciate.
TMC is working hard with relations to neighbouring tribes and people. They offered us free transport of school materials from Manila through their main office in Makati City.
We hope that we together will make an impact of the education
among the people in this area and are therefore asking for more
financial support from new donors who is interested of this
relation development.
ssac045 Juniver E. Iradiel
Juniver is born in March 10 2003 and has a Filipino sponsor in Malmö, Sweden
We will visit Juniver, who is living in the same village as the visiting Swedish president of FTMS, Adlay, Carrascal, Surigao del Sur.
Here comes new pictures of Juniver since we met him last December 13.
As we first come to the house of Juniver, we realized that only the children was at home.
Junivers mother was in the neighbours house and came when her children called for her.
We explained that Juniver has received a sponsor and that we are now to make a plan for the future of Juniver.
The mother of Juniver became overwhelmed and wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. Junivers father left to find a job in Davao City three months ago and they has not heard from him yet. Nor has they received any money from his work why all children was nearly nude in old clothes.
Juniver family
Here is Juniver in blue shirt surrounded with his family except his father who is in Davao to find a job.
Juniver at Adlay meeting for parents
FTMW arranged in Adlay a meeting for all parents who last year registered their children. Junivers mother wanted to express in public her thanks to the sponsor of Juniver and whish him a Merry Christmas and God blessings.
To the left you can also see a wheelchair which had to be delivered to a paralysed woman in Prosperidad area.
See lower this page.


Aid to people program
Juanita Dalipe
Pastor Patricio Sr Dalipe is married his wife Juanita who is paralysed.
Juanita Dalipe has not been outside this room since 1981 because that she is unable to walk.
What you see in the picture is her living room, kitchen, bedroom and toilet.
We are looking for a wheelchair of a light model and it is in our hope that we shall be able to show you when we deliver it so that she can visit her church while her husband deliver the message and afterwards follow her old friends in her neighbourhood.
Wheelchair delivery 1Wheelchair delivery 2
The wheelchair
became delivered
during a time when the rice fields were overflowed due to an accident with the rice walls.
The whole house was under water and thanks to it was built on high poles they had no water inside. According to the people is this nothing that ever use to happen because of rain etc. but just because that the walls for the draining of the rice fields had a temporary failure.
Information 1Information 2
Information was
given how to use and how to fit the wheelchair.
The oldest daughter of Juanita was home while her husband Patricio Sr was on a trip.
Juanita was so grateful about the wheelchair that is coming from the Swedish organisation
Erikshjalpen and bought out by FTMS, by an administration fee only.
- I have been praying for this wheelchair for how many years,
day and night!?
Juanita told when she finally realized that she has got a real
wheelchair for herself.
Now she is looking forward to the day when the water is gone
and she can go for her first ride outside for many many years.
Then we had to walk over water back again!
Here is the car and some of the helpers with long pants
who waited at the car while we delivered the chair.
We will follow up and see if additional help and utilities
is acquired in the future.
You are always welcome to make a donation so that
we are able to continue this work.
December 8: We have now reached Mindanao and Butuan City. All equipment inclusive
the wheelchair is with us. We hope that we tomorrow Friday will reach some of our
co-operators in the organisation and also has the opportunity to see the children in
Santiago and Taganito.
December 12: Today we held our first common board meeting with both Swedish and
Philippine board represented. Tomorrow there will be a launching program in Adlay,
Carrascal when all parents in the neighbourhood and representatives from the municipal
is invited. In this launching of program it will be explained about our child work and how
we suppose to co-operate with village councils and municipals to reach a higher nutrition
level among the children in the area.
December 15: Yesterday we went to San Francisco after a short meeting in Cantilan with
pastor Boy Yparraguirre about the registered children in his district. We also visited the
Manobo tribe in a small sitio in Madrid before we continued our six hour long trip on rough roads.
Actually I wonder if this roads is to be called poor as they barely exist! In Europe maybe this trip
should be able to do in two hours only, but here is a mix of create and stone roads. No sign that
tell were roadwork start or end make driving difficult.
As dark fell at 6pm we also experienced a "night safari" but we never saw any dangerous animals!
After 8pm all light is switched off while people is asleep and there is few road signs and lights.
On created roads we only see a dark stripe in the moonlight that suddenly end to a stony and rough road were only gear one or two is applicable.
Many were the times when feeling of never reaching target during evening time, but at 9.30pm
we finally entered San Francisco and our lodging house.
This morning we waked up after an electric burn out so that we could not enjoy the aircon in the room. After breakfast we are now supposed to meet the pastors, deliver a wheelchair from Sweden and meet a sponsored child in Prosperidad. Pictures will be uploaded hopefully coming Monday December 19. See you then!
December 23: Late update but now it is finished!
We has reached the children and will now start the long strategy work for their future as we
follow up our other projects as well.
We say be heartedly thanks to all donors both in the Philippines and abroad. We will continue!


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