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Child Care program and Aid to people program
You can during the months of April and May, 2006 follow us when we visit Mindanao and follow up the work.
Our travel in Mindanao for visiting the churches and children will be between April 26 and May 20. Pictures will be uploaded on this page if available.
Diary is shown below Aid to people program and updated more frequently!


registration in Kabangahan
Registration in Kabangahan       One of the 34 coming sponsored
                                             children of Kabangahan
MAMANWA Taganito
New school in Taganito to MamanwaChildren and teacher together w Nanita
School with equipment partly delivered through FTMW. Equipment is donated by Mater Feliz Montessori school, Binangonan, Rizal.
We hope for support from more schools in Luzon.
To right even teacher and Nanita, daughter of Thor
MAMANWA Pantokan

Mamanwa east has recently decided to settle down and start contributing to their families future.

Mamanwa is distilling a poison root called koyut which they make harmless for cooking.

Three houses is built so far. More reports later in June.



Aid to people program

Mabuhay, Prosperidad

Thor in SA-uniform

During Assemblies of God 33rd sectional fellowship Thor, as president for FTM Sweden and as a soldier in the salvation Army talked to the delegation from 16 churches in the area.

Interpreter was pastor Ebenezer Morales, president for FTMW in the Philippines and church planter for Asia Evangelistic Fellowship.




Patil, Davao del Norte

Thor and Nanita in the mountains of Patil area     Missionary couple Andersen in Patil were they
                                                                  work with the tribe Ata Manobo


In April 19 we reach Manila and will for some days visit friends in other aiding organizations as The Salvation Army and Greater Grace.

In May 12 to 18 (instead of April 20) we will visit Abra province between Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur. Even this schedule is cancelled and set to future!

April We arrived and also rescheduled our trip directly. We will not go to Abra until May 12.
We visited Greater Grace pastor in Manila and I heard to my happiness that he have plans to go to the Cordillera region. It is one of the districts in the middle Luzon I have learned a lot about. Both concerning the Ifugao and the Bontok tribes.
Already in April 22 we came to Butuan City and were picked up by pastor Morales for further transport to Adlay. We stop by in Santiago and visited pastor Omba concerning our coming meeting in May 1.
The Korean founder from World Mission is also supposed in April to visit their Bible school in Santiago which pastor Omba works in.
We had during the week the opportunity to register 34 new children from the Manobo tribe in Kabangahan, located in the mountains outside Cantilan.
We had the opportunity the same day to visit the Mayor of Cantilan to inform about our ongoing work and the incredible luck to learn to know a man from the Netherlands who is planning and calculating on projects in the area.
It is in our hope that the people of FTMW could be helpful in the development why we has agreed an appointment at May 9 when we will be updated about the future plans.
As we are in April 29. We are right now in Surigao City. Migration office has vacation and is on course in Manila and the bank closed earlier so we has some time to update here.
May did not start up good since I received a bad old with a height fever over the last weekend in April. On our team leader consultation and conference I was dizzy and had to stay home mostly of the time.
  On the other hand, all members showed up and had a wonderful day together with much work ahead that they divided among themselves and approved before evening.
Must admit that the FTMW Team has now come much closer together and is fully aware of which direction the work has.
In May 4 - 6 we visited the Assemblies of God 33rd sectional fellowship in Mabuhay village, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur.
   I was still weak but talked in the morning service in May 5 while pastor Ebenezer Morales spoke in evening service May 4 and the afternoon education for pastors in May 5 as well in the closing service that night.
   Prosperidad is an area that is in need of much support since the people has no resources to grow equal to other areas in the Philippines. Yet the will of hard work is strong and many is hoping for further advice about how to make progress in agricultural and educational branches.
Sunday May 7 we made a visit to missionary couple Johan Andersen in Patil, in the mountains outside Tagum City, Davao del Norte.
   They are working an a tribe called Ata Manobo and has lived in Cebu and Mindanao for about 1,5 years by now. Their work is in the end and a local pastor has now overtaken the work in the tribes while Johan with wife will travel to their next work.

In May 13 - 17 I have visited Greater Grace Church and together with Pastor Ebenezer Morales, we has visited The Salvation Army HQ and Bethany Children's Home. It is a hope that we together with soldiers in SA Sweden could help to raise fund for the BCH. More reports about that later.

We have during the week some ongoing meetings of interest for the people of the Philippines in that we could come into a network with some of the most nationwide organisations. We are then able to provide service through donations to any corner within the country.

This page including news reports will be updated again from Sweden during May 23 - June 12. Many reports is under process to show a trustful picture of the situations were we work. Thank you for support and prayers.

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