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The Salvation Army Philippines runs a home for girls 9 - 18years old called Bethany Children's Home in Quezon City, Metro Manila. It was until 2000 an orphanage for all children but came to be a shelter for girls that had been victimised for trafficking, incest, rape and other violations.
Some Hospitals and Department of Social Welfare and Development contacts The Salvation Army when there is a young girl that need help. This girls has reported their violator and is waiting for trial. The girls life is in this case in danger since the violator or his/her relatives may want to revenge themselves at the girl.
After trial and if the situation look safe to the girl she is transferred back to her home and family. The problem is that it is not always that simple to find back to the family of the girl again. Some times the family of the girl has moved because they are threatened by the violator or his/her relatives too. Some times the family, who might is poor, want their child to stay in the home of The Salvation Army because they feel she has it better there than in her own home and therefore refuse to take her back.
Some times the home of the girl is still not safe enough for her to move back.

Bethany Children's home has a number of overstaying girls because of the reasons above. The problem is that The Salvation Army in the Philippines has no budget for lodging these girls that is now in upper teenage too. The solution is by now that they are sharing room with the personnel at the home. There is neither a budget for their studies so they has to find solutions by themselves to finance their studies or living which is hard in this case since the Home has not personnel enough to help.
 ..:: Solution ::..
In the entrance of Bethany Children's Home there is a house that could be restored with rooms for overstayers and make them a temporary home while educating or searching work until their finances or life situation allow them to move to their own.
A budget for restoring and running this part of the home could be raised as well as a budget for tuition fees to Colleagues if there is people that is willing to donate a small amount annually for this purpose.
We are now raising this issue to The Salvation Army Sweden and other that is interested to contribute to this issue. We hope that The Salvation Army Sweden could be able to start up a project fund. Meantime FTMS is able to help in this transactions.
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