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Filipino Tribe Mission Welfare in the Philippines is a union of Christian communions in the Philippines which is working with their own individual projects (you can see their presentations here). Several of these communions have their mission to spread education based on the learning ability of the people in the area. This is a process that is very long-termed and at the same time very difficult belonging to that there are many conflicts arising between people according to loss of or poor education.

Filipino Tribe Mission has as a common organisation to its parties unified to work for a joint education in co-operation with Department of Education to the local citizens. An education that now is to be fitted to the different tribal and local languages as well as traditions in the area of the organisation.

..:: Project ::..

Filipino Tribe Mission has an agreement with Taganito Mining Corporation Ltd TMC for a solution to be able to give elementary school lessons for Mamanwa in Taganito, Claver Surigao Del Norte.
The agreement means that Filipino Tribe Mission has right to use buildings that TMC has constructed in the mountains outside Taganito for the educational work with the children of Mamanwa.

Filipino Tribe Mission shall in co-operation with Department of Education find a solution how to educate and employ teachers that control the local languages that Mamanwa understands. Mamanwa, a tribal people in the mountains, has during many years bent standing outside the Philippine educational work while it partly has been difficult to reach them on one particular place and partly been difficult for Department of Education to find teachers that control the language.
Concluded to the situation is needed to tell that the Philippines has 84 official languages and 99 different dialects within these. The government of the Philippines has decided that the language of Tagalog shall be used as the official language that is called Pilipino and that English shall be used in the higher educations like High School and College.
Many people in the provinces is today not understanding the point to learn any other language than their own since they feel they have no use for it in their daily life. They have not always possibility to use radio, TV and newspapers, as it is not either available everywhere.

Department of Education has by reason of equity and on financial reasons no real possibility to educate teachers to control all languages there are in the Philippines why some tribes become left in the educational area.
It is the hope of Filipino Tribe Mission to be a useful link that the Philippines need to lift its tribal and provincial people from situations of poverty, social maladjustment and corruption that loss of education is a part off.

..:: Finance ::..

Within the area of the organisations there are a number of companies that is involved internationally and that we try to build a co-operation with to find solutions for finance to give all children an education. We also have the hope to extend to other companies, departments and private donors that will work for this important issue.

Filipino Tribe Mission finances this project by donors.

If you find this work interesting, you are very welcome to become a donor.

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