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Patented in the US and in Europe

Patent Nr. 369823
Patent No. 50033
US Patent No. 3.749.034
Canada Patent No. 957.567

Planting tool for Ia. fir sapling

Field of application: in the Philippines

This planting tool is used in Sweden to make it more ergonomic while planting, preferably fir but also other plants that can pass the planting pipe.
It is not actual to plant fir in the Philippines because of the climate but we has observed the ergonomic performance of the tool as it help the person who plant so that he does not need to bend his back to pick with a pickaxe to make a hole in the ground for the sapling as he also can work with a straight back and carry the saplings correctly relieved in a carrier.
We are in the first case aiming to use the tool for planting eggplants but is experimenting the tool for other herbs as f.ex. Apple-Guava which is a tree with a kind of guava fruit which reminds in its consistent and taste with an apple.
Following pictures show parts of the tool and a description.

Looking at the tool from above you can see the pipe which the sapling is put into and through which it fall into the planting hole in the soil.

Under the grip handles is the release handle located. It is used to close the cone after planting a sapling before next plant.

A close up picture of construction for release handle.

In this picture we see from below, the foot pedal that is used to press down the tool into the ground, next the opener pedal that is used to open the cone and make free way for the sapling through the pipe. Next is the release feather for the operation of the release handle to close the cone after planting.

This is the opener pedal which is used to open the cone and make free way for the sapling through the pipe.

Here is a close up picture of cone construction. As you can see, the cone is very robust.
Below is shown pictures that shows the construction and function of the planting tool.

To make it visible how it is mentioned to use the planting tool we created some "fake" saplings.

With the planting tool and saplings we are now ready to start our work in the agricultural soil. Actually, where to plant is depending on the need for the sapling, which conditions about water, soil and sun etc. The tool is strong and work good in the jungle or forest as well in the acre. To make it simple we choose to plant in an open acre, but if the need is in an opening in the jungle, it will work too.  

In the bottom of the tool is a cone that is stuck in the earth with help of the foot pedal

The foot pedal is mounted lowest on the planting tool, press it down with the foot and make sure that it is stuck all the way to the ground.

Next step is to twist the handle to open up a hole for the plant.

When the planting tool has been twisted simply open it up with the opener pedal.

The opener pedal is mounted just a little bit over the foot pedal and is pressed all way down to the ground. This is to open the cone and make it possible for the sapling to pass through the pipe into the soil.

Next step is to let the sapling fall through the pipe. The saplings can be carried in a bag or box hanging from the shoulder (not shown in picture).

Then simply lift the planting tool carefully up and hold gentle back the sapling with help of the foot.

The earth is stamped gently around the sapling and it is time to go to the next place to plant.  

When the planting tool is lifted up above the sapling and free for the next sapling, just pull the release handle to close the cone...

and the tool is ready to be stuck into the soil again for the next time

and next...

Well, this is the simple way it work. Now, what kind of saplings do we have?

We hope to come back later about that issue... Good Luck!

If you find this work interesting, you are very welcome to become a donor.

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