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May we present to you updated reports from the new started school in the forest of Pantukan.
This school started up in spring 2006 in Pantukan, and was run only by efforts of the members of GNCC in Adlay. Teacher was Phoebe Grace (Ging-ging) Montañes. In 2007 the work moved down to Adlay where several children enrolled to the elementary school. The reason for this was that cooperation with a former village captain made this easiest.
At the moment FTMW run, since November 2011, adult education and design for preparation to elementary education, ALS. It means to prepare children, from tribal communities, to understand their own culture, and language, and learn to read from their own language before taught new languages. This work is executed in close cooperation with NCIP Regional Office in Butuan City, DepEd, Department of Education in Surigao del Sur and USC, University of San Carlos in Cebu City.
This group of tribal members has constructed both their own village and their own school in the whish to give their children a better future than they has had themselves in the past.
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Batch 1

“These are the product of the 1st Mamanwa Basic Literacy, who are now enrolled in Grade-1, at Adlay Community Elementary School - Adlay, Carrascal, Surigao del Sur”




FTMW have now an ongoing educational work for tribal children in Adlay, Carrascal with own volunteer teachers.
FTMW restarted education to Mamanwa tribal in cooperation with NCIP Regional office and Carrascal Municipality in November 21, 2011.
Subject Volunteer Teachers Schedule
Adult education and child elementary preparation Juralyn A. Urquia Mondays
The project embracing adult education to make life easier to many parents and family supporters among Mamanwa and the work to edify and encourage children to attend public elementary schools is a part of Jovelyn Klaveness project to Mamanwa, CHP4051. We are in need of more sponsors for this projects. Help us by being one of us!


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