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Jovelyn Klaveness

Description of Project: 
Jovelyn is from the small village Adlay, belonging to the municipality of Carrascal, province of Surigao del Sur. In her village, has, during the latest ten years, new members from the Mamanwa tribe settled down, this from the forests surrounding the village Pantukan, 10 km up in the mountains from Adlay.
Mamanwa is aubergines of the Philippines, which society is nomadic, which means that they are moving around during the year depending on the season for harvests and work. Under several organisations work, among other FTMW, the tribe has moved closer to public schools to take the opportunity to give education to their children.
This has in the same time given that they has moved further away from their natural places for cultivation, and became bound to a certain place. Disagreements between members of the tribe has coloured the daily life, and this due to that the soil of Adlay is not fertile for their herbs and seedlings they want to grow and eat. The members are divided between starvations while having education to their children or, food but no school for the children. Internal discussions have led to separations and members have moved back to the mountains again.
FTMW has ignited education and negotiations with the village council, and other involved partners such as the municipality, social welfare department and tribal. During the spring of 2009 Jovelyn was asked by members of Mamanwa to become their teacher. This is an utterance from the tribe that we see with respect upon, this since the tribal otherwise use to withdraw to the forests as soon as problem occurs.
Through Jovelyn we have now the opportunity to show to the tribal that they also is embraced by International human rights, as well as the Child convention. FTMW has informed, and started up, a close cooperation in this issue with the tribes of the Philippines governmental organ, NCIP, National Commission of Indigenous people.
Goal of CHP4051 Jovelyn Klaveness
Nobody in the tribe have an academically background. Only about 14 children is at this point enrolled in the public elementary school, but not regularly, since most of the children still is absence due to their parents nomadic life.
Jovelyn will work in the issue to teach the parents how to supply and give nutrition to their children, and how to grow their herbs in a close distance, also to keep their own and the children's hygiene. This is also made to ease their life in fellowship with other people in the new society and to avoid serious complications after usual child diseases (for instance blindness due to lack of vitamin A after measles).

Projects running:

Jovelyn is reserved the right to use the money as she finds best for the tribe, but she will show account annually through FTMS about the development.
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