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Adlay is a small fishing village located in the province Surigao del Sur approximately two hours east along the northeast coast from Surigao City. In Adlay lives about 3000 people which main work for living is fishing and forestry. As Adlay is located in a valley of the Nubenta mountain, there are no larger areas for farming like southward around Madrid, but there are some rice and cornfields even here as well. The people in the village is living day by day, stress is strange to them. It is possible to watch TV if the antenna is mounted very high, since the mountain and the ocean create problem to receive broadcasting programs. There is no landline for telephone but on some spots there is reception for cell phones. No daily papers is sold, so all information available is those that has come back from Manila or abroad. The amount of foreign visitors is limited to some women and one man that is married to foreigners or works themselves abroad.
The people of Adlay is very hospitable and obliging but extremely shy. In Adlay is spoken with the exception of Visaya (Cebuano) an own language called Suriganon. Tagalog is taught in school and people also learn it through karaoke and VCD-movies. English is only spoken by a few that has graduated High School.
Observe that the most common work for a mother is to stay at home and take care of the family.  It is very seldom a woman work after marriage and giving birth and by tradition house wife's is very high ranked while the fathers is supposed to supply their families.
Sponsor Children
FTMW Contact person for Adlay, Surigao Del Sur:
Jeniffer Urquia
In Adlay, FTMS has during fall 2011 renewed its cooperation with the Barangay Council and MSWD, in a try to reach out with nourished food to, as many students as possible.
Adlay is a pilot project when it comes to give all children in elementary and, if plausible, in High School, a nourished meal every day in school.
according information from both school's principals, 90 children out of 815 in the elementary and 70 children out of 350 in High School is starving in an every day basis!
The principals has therefore asked us to, initially, give breakfast to those 160 children primarily.
The sponsorship fee, which includes a meal a day, all school days in the month, Monday to Friday, is given for this purpose. Until we have enough sponsors to give meals to all students, we run this canteen outside the schools, in what we call FTMS Kids Club.
In the FTMS Kids Club the parents participate jointly, and helps to cook a nourished meal every day to all godchildren, and students from our School meal project CYP1050.
As a sponsor you will receive a godchild from Adlay, who participate in this project, plus that you help the family every month with a small amount which is fit to the need due to the family's situation. A small amount is saved too for a Christmas gift every year.
If you only want to help the students to receive food in the school, you shall, instead of being a child sponsor, give support through our school feeding project CYP1050, and note Adlay on monthly payment.
Due to our childrens and their families safety, we do not show their pictures anymore online.



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