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Filipino Tribe Missions work with sponsored children is based upon group sponsorship with your choice of an individual child or to a tribal group as Manobo or Mamanwa. This means that you as a sponsor are able to choose a child to support but that some of the fee of €20 alternative €15 that you pay monthly is shared as followed:

Item Individual Group
Administration Sweden (4) € 3 €3
Trust (3) € 2  
The child (1) € 7  
Family of the child (1) € 2  
Village/area of the child (1) € 1 €7
Costs in the Philippines (2) € 5 €5
Total: €20 €15

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1. The child is prior but during the circumstances people are living in, in this part of the world, we also need to consider the whole situation to give the child a chance to develop and grow, which means that some help, where so is needed, will be given to the entire family f. ex. in shape of rice, and in some cases to the village in shapes of school meals, water plant etc.

2. Costs within the Philippines concerns: Transport costs, administration, salary for one employed who takes care of and maintain the work around our sponsored children. That transports works, That the children reach the help stated, purchase what is in need and also is responsible for education of volunteers and other crew that is involved in the work with the children.

3. The trust concern extraordinary costs that can appear suddenly as: medical treatments, service costs, transports etc. in connection with the childcare work.

4. Due to rules by SFI (Stiftelsen för insamlingskontroll), a Swedish organisation that control collected funds for aid, only a maximum of 25% of collected funds are allowed to cover administration costs in Sweden. That correspond to €5.


In the work concerning group sponsorship, same goal minded work with strengthen the tribes possibilities to development is taken, but instead of focusing in one child alone, the whole tribe is sharing the money. In the area of FTMW exist a number of groups from the same tribal communities, why we also prioritise education were the groups are able to feel fellowship and also become able to develop working methods together.


Observe that no funds from the sponsor child work is used within any other work within FTMW.
Other missions within child care work that FTMW Filipino Tribe Mission Welfare are involved in but that not is included in the sponsor fee but is financed by separate departments and private donors is:

Donations can be paid to us in EURO on followed account:
IBAN SE31 9500 0099 6042 0418 2960
Bank: NORDEA Sweden
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Bank: NORDEA Sweden
IBAN SE31 9500 0099 6042 0418 2960

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