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Gacub is a village belonging to the Municipal Carmen which is located in Surigao del Sur. Gacub is located on the summit of a mountain 30 minutes drive with a motorbike into the rain forest and is populated of the tribe called Manobo. Their village president (Barangay captain) 2005, was named Alito Sr Meniado. Alito is a coconut planter and owns large land were his tribe works periodically.

Alito tries to reach acceptance and status for his village in that they can reach a stable school and medical care. And still today, something only happen every fourth year when it is election in the Philippines. The reason is that Gacub is a large village with many citizens who have subscribed to the register of electors, why many politicians that participate in the elections to be Mayor, Governor, or Senator, fights for the votes through political projects. But because of the jerky situation when politicians finance buildings for schools, gym, health stations etc. during the electoral year to convince the citizens, they also become frustrated because after the elections normally not much happen until next election. Today the citizens are very tired and apathetic to foreign people that give promises.

When Filipino Tribe Mission visited the village in 2004 with Fernando Aparicio, who worked hard to lift the courage and hope through possibilities for the citizens, gave information about the sponsor child work and purposes, they admitted the child work to get a chance. Since 2005 until 2011 Teodoro and Cholly Bat-ao has took the responsibility for the children in Gacub. Teodoro and his wife Zosima, nicknamed Cholly, were representatives for an area of the Manobo tribe. Due to inaction in the area, FTMW board has overtaken the responsibility.

Filipino Tribe Mission understands the importance that we take in solidarity responsibility for the people in this tribe and will work actively to get continuity in school and health care. In Gacub live people with many medical disasters that have been photographed by scientists and research-workers of different skills. Here lives some albinos and children that has been poisoned while they was foetus because that the mother during pregnancy has used preparations dangerous for the unborn child. It is of highest priority that this people get correct information and education of need for their safety and in preparation that it not will happen again. All scientists workers until today that has visited this village has not contributed with any aid of any kind for this purpose.
For the safety of our children and their families, we do not show their pictures online.

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