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Welcome to the new site of Tribe Mission
A website with links to our aid projects in co-operation with local people


For your convenience and safety, we have 90-account:

90 04 59-9
Your gift is guaranteed to be used according to your choice of one of our projects.

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Our Mission

To provide assistance and Christian projects among the people of the Philippines.

Better retirement from Sweden?
Do you work in Sweden? Save for your future retirement and support a child in the Philippines at the same time.
Send us an inquire for more info (link)
Read more (in Swedish):
946228 - IKC Filippinerna Flexibel

Du kan förbättra ett barns framtid!


Children's health Care
Help children come to treatment.
Read more at the linked page.
School Meals
Help us start a canteen and feed 600 pre-schoolers, elementary and high school students.
You can donate so that we can buy tools or execute projects needed.
Mamanwa School of Equal Rights
Can it come true?
Become Sponsor to a child in the Philippines


We want to present ourselves who are:

  • Child Sponsor
    Be a sponsor of a child and make sure for this child to have a better education

  • Ongoing Projects
    Here you are able to see our projects

  • Lotaproject Chile
    Projects for children and other missions
    while you also support the development of the village of the child

  • FTMW Filipino Tribe Mission Welfare
    A site in English for support to Philippine projects mainly in Mindanao

  • FTMS Filipino Tribe Mission Sweden
    A site in Swedish for support to Philippine projects mainly in Mindanao

  • Churches in network
    Pastors and missionaries in co-operation worldwide

Tack till alla medlemmar som handlat via Sponsorhuset under 2018.
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FTMS Filipino Tribe Mission Sweden                                               Reg. No: 802422-2393
Att: Klaveness
Ekgatan 7B
S213 63 Malmö, Sweden
Phone: +46 40 497 969
Cell Phone: +46 705 987 266
90 04 59-9 SEK & EUR
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Bank: NORDEA Sweden
IBAN SE31 9500 0099 6042 0418 2960
FTMW Filipino Tribe Mission Welfare Inc. Philippines                    Reg. No: CN200525494
FTMW Office:
Roaming: +63 921 274 3904 Smart
Cell Phone: +63 910 139 7436


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