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About 15 - 30 000 years ago, the Asian continental plateau was shaken by a powerful earthquake and a long rift arise that divided a large piece of land in the south. This volcanic area came to slide south in the Pacific Ocean and created what we know today as The Philippine islands. On this long and slow slide out in the Pacific Ocean, a dark skinned people, called  Negritos, followed. These was the first natives on the islands and lived mainly in the mountains (which had saved them earlier during the earthquake). When Malayan from Indonesia came and moved to the islands there was no larger conflicts because they was living on fishing and agriculture by the shore while the Negritos lived in the jungle and in the mountains.
Mamanwa (Mamanoa) is one of the southern Negrito tribes and belongs to the aborigines in The Philippines. Mamanwa is also a tribe that have a high priority in our organisation. Mamanwa has during all times since The Philippines was populated by Malayan already at the 10th century AC lived an own life without any interference in the new age politic and religions. Not even today has Mamanwa admittance to education, health and care like the Filipino population. Not because of Government will but because of their long tradition of loss of education and staying outside the society. They actually don't know how the society works.
It is extremely important that their children become involved in the school system to get an adequate education and give opportunities for development to the next generation. Mamanwa has always been used in different situations, both as guides to  Philippine military and NPA New People Army. In some encounters they have been involved in, they has always ended up on the loosing side. Not because they are dangerous or furious but because they have been trying to make their livelihood as guides in the jungles.
The Mamanwa tribe has no permanent work but collect firewood and rattan. By rattan they create handicraft that they sell at the markets in nearby Filipino towns or villages. They have own plantings spread in the mountains. Some times they have a problem to reach their plantations, especially during rainy seasons. Then they have a hard time to find food for their living.
Filipino Tribe Mission is in co-operation with TMC helping to equip the schools TMC constructed for Mamanwa called Taganito Tribal Communication Center, TRICOM. TMC has during 2005 employed two teachers to teach in the tribal part of the villages of Taganito and Urbiztondo.
If you feel that you want to help a child that have no school to go to, or get an education in, shall you make your choice on a child from Mamanwa. In their case we need an enormous support to be able to help them with their social structure and not only the poor child alone.
You are able to become group sponsor to Mamanwa east. Sponsor fee is €15 monthly Become sponsor

Due to the safety of our children and their families, we do not show their pictures online.

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FTMW Contact person for Mamanwa, Taganito, Surigao Del Norte:
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