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Agusan Del Norte: Santiago
Agusan Del Sur: Prosperidad

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. Agusan del Norte

Lake Agusan that is located on the northwest part of a tongue that is stretching Mindanao north has given name to the two provinces Agusan del Norte and Agusan del Sur. The lake belongs to the province of Agusan del Norte and on its west side is only a small raising piece of land that part the sweet water lake from the Bohol sea, that in its turn is one of the Philippines many seas that exist between the many islands of the country.

East of Agusan a mountain chain is raising and is stretching over the boundary towards the provinces of Surigao del Norte, Surigao del Sur and Agusan del Sur. In Agusan del Norte the mountains is named Mount Mabaho and Mount Hilong-Hilong. Mount Hilong-Hilong is stretching from Agusan del Norte until Agusan del Sur.


Throughout Agusan del Norte the national highway between Davao City in the south to Surigao City in the north is stretched. Provincial town is Butuan City which is located in the south part of the province where the national highway to Davao is crossed by the highway directing the provinces of Lanao and Zamboanga on western Mindanao.

The province has rice fields and is fertile in the west. The provincial town Butuan City is an important centre for the northern Mindanao, many travellers choose to fly to this city when they are going to visit the area. Here come both tourists who is visiting their families but even aiding organisations like f.ex. Dr without boundaries, missionaries from different assemblies and others. 


The province is crowded with a concentration of citizens around Butuan City but also along the highway northbound to Surigao del Norte.
A problem in Butuan City is that there has came many tribes from the jungle that has domiciled themselves in the streets and feed themselves as beggars and thief's. Several orphanages has been built but in this part of the country it is difficult to maintain this kind of aid depending on the family traditions that exist and which means that parents and siblings are so close to each other that it become expensive to give help.

It is difficult to separate a specific child or couple from the group.

Filipino Tribe Mission has as a goal to aid those children that today is homeless and without parents with help of foster families in the provinces who takes care of and let the children come to school and grow up in a safe environment parted from the stress in the city when they need to beg, steal or prostitute for their living.
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. Agusan del Sur

The province Agusan del Sur is located south of Agusan del Norte with a small part of the province Surigao del Sur in the east, the province Bukidnon in the west and the provinces Davao del Norte and Davao Oriental in the south.

Agusan del Sur is a poor mountain province with much jungle and poor roadwork's. One national highway is eastbound from Butuan City in Agusan del Norte through the provincial town Prosperidad to the provincial town Tandag in Surigao del Sur. From Prosperidad is also a southbound highway directing Davao City.

Even in this province like in Agusan del Norte, the citizens is crowded around the national highways but a large number of tribal people is also living in the jungles were they have been living since the island was populated thousands of years ago.
Filipino Tribe Mission has co-operators that is grown up in the area and know several of the tribal languages. They work hard to spread ability of reading and writing among the native people but is also concerned to keep culture and traditions alive, like dishes and dances.


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