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Prosperidad is the provincial city of Agusan Del Sur and is located along a highway, in very bad condition, stretching between the cities of Butuan City and Tandag which is the provincial cities of Agusan Del Norte respectively Surigao Del Sur. Actually San Francisco was the Capital of Agusan Del Sur until recently but since the boundaries of the cities, Prosperidad and San Francisco was revised, the Mansion of the Governor belonged to Prosperidad municipal instead of San Francisco, why it become decided to change provincial city from San Francisco to Prosperidad instead of moving the Governor.

Filipino Tribe Mission co-operators in this area, for godchildren, is pastor Lorenzo Quintas who run the Church named Faith Christian Life Center in Prosperidad and the bible school called Life Christian Bible Center, and Pastor Romel Dalipe who run the Church named Ambassador Baptist Church. To his help he has Flora Mae Dela Cerna to reach out to the sitios in the jungle.
In Prosperidad we also cooperate with Pastor Dodo Quisil, Four Square Church, within medical mission. We hope to realize establishments of a Diabetes clinic here. In case that children and adults receive donations for medical assistance, we counsel with Pastor Quisil.
In the area lives children with serious handicap as diseases like Downs syndrome and other. The goal of Filipino Tribe Mission is to give those children an oasis were they are able to develop and lives as normal as possible considered to their diseases. We want to spread the knowledge about which handicap and diseases which exist to give a better understanding among the local population. In a better light of the knowledge we hope that we are able to inspire to adjust homes and public places for an easier living for the handicapped. We will present this ongoing project, how it work and how people react, during a long time. Your engagement is important, and you are helping best in the role of a responsible child sponsor. Every child that have a sponsor in this area make a huge impact on the development. Individual donations that is marked specially for this projects is very much appreciated.
Due to the safety of our children and their families, we do not show their pictures online.
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FTMW Contact person for Prosperidad, Agusan Del Sur:
Jeniffer Y. Urquia


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