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Our Business

FTMW Filipino Tribe Mission Welfare was founded in February 2005, and is a non-stock, non-profit corporation in the Philippines which mission is to provide assistance and Christian projects among the people of the southern Philippines mainly in an area situated in the north-eastern Mindanao called the CARAGA-region.
The projects are founded in cooperation with local pastors that are working in the area and have a good knowledge about language, traditions and ministries.


Our Mission

FTMW's main mission in line with our projects; to provide integrated assistance and tailor-made projects among the people of the Philippines.


Our Vision

FTMW's vision is a society where everyone's rights and needs are protected to aid the local population to live their lives in a dignified environment that fulfills their needs and aspirations.


Our Values:

Love, Honesty, Transparency and Accountability


Our Goal and objectives

  1.  To promote and create awareness of the human rights of local population.
  2.  To promote and maintain good health among the population.
  3.  To promote economic empowerment amongst population with the aim of poverty alleviation.
  4.  To promote food security among the population.
  5.  To create and maintain a source of funds from which the local population may be facilitated to promote their general welfare, prosperity and livelihood.
  6.  To promote nutritional needs to school children and the elderly.
  7.  To promote and provide clean water and sanitation among the local population.
  8.  To promote and where necessary provide proper shelter for the elderly.
  9.  To promote self-help initiatives of social economic empowerment of the local population for sustainable development.
  10.  To promote equality among the local population and encourage equal access to social, cultural, economic and house hold resources.
  11.  To promote information to the local population and communities about their rights, needs and responsibilities; health, poverty alleviation and gender issues.
  12.  To promote participation of the local population and communities in the planning and management of community development programmes.
  13.  To strengthen the capacity of families and communities to care and protect their livelihoods.


The cooperation between Filipino ministers has come up with projects and assistance such as:

These projects and assistance are in need of immense resources such as; financial support, patience, understanding and love. We in the mission together with you, could be a part of the encouragement for this development of a better society where the natural resources come to an use which is to advantage for all, kept from the risks which is the means of corruption, devastation and environmental pollution. Alike the rain forests of Latin and South America are important for the global population also the Philippines belong to an area where the nature has an impact to the global balance.


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