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In list below you will find all projects which Filipino Tribe Mission run. The list is organization overlapping which mean that those projects that has a description will be linked to a new page were it also is shown if any other organization than Filipino Tribe Mission is responsible for the project. All projects below can be supported through Filipino Tribe Mission independent of responsible organization. FTMW has responsibility to make sure that donated money is paid out and used as stated in description of project. When, as by now, not all projects is registered in computer system yet, we reserve the rights for changes in details. Information about ongoing projects can always be reached at

As projects descriptions gradually is shown in Internet, the project numbers will link to its descriptions.


Below you find all projects that we beside the sponsored children raise funds for. If you find a project interesting, you can follow the link to the project by clicking the project number.
At payment of donation print project number as shown below in the example.
1. Donation to Foster child project, visiting work to foster parents
    The zeros changes to project number i.e. CYP1012
2. Education for mothers about nutrition and hygiene under humanitarian projects: HMP3062
* Means that donation is split even or used where it is best in need within this group
No Description Project No Link
010 Foster child project CYP1010 *
011 Visiting work among street children, parents to street children CYP1011  
012 Visiting work to foster parents, education, follow up CYP1012  
020 Nutrition, education CYP1020  
030 Hygiene, education CYP1030  
040 Relations, being young in the society CYP1040  
050 School meals CYP1050 *
051 Preschool and elementary school CYP1051  
052 High schools CYP1052  
053 Colleagues CYP1053  
060 Exchange projects between schools and classes CYP1060  
070 Mentorship for individual and common development CYP1070  
080 All Man's Rights – Environmental behavior – For youth CYP1080  
090 Summer camp for children CYP1090  
100 Children's Health service CYP1100 1100
101 Mareth Zalasar, Cornea transplantation CYP1101 1101
No Description Project No Link
010 History, the pride of a nation EDP2010  
020 Material for school education EDP2020 2020
030 Culture EDP2030 *
031 Documenting of tribal history EDP2031  
032 Documenting of tribal life today EDP2032 2032
033 Exchange between tribes and people EDP2033  
034 National exchange EDP2034  
035 International exchange EDP2035  
040 All Man's Rights – Environmental behavior – For adults EDP2040  
050 Hygiene EDP2050 *
051 Female hygiene EDP2051  
052 Common hygiene EDP2052  
060 Pregnancy, breastfeeding, Foetus injuries – Preventive education EDP2060  
070 The Convention on the Child – What does it mean? EDP2070  
080 The women’s rights and possibilities in the society EDP2080  
No Description Project No Link
010 Nutrition HMP3010  
020 Exercise HMP3020  
030 Clothes HMP3030  
040 Relations development HMP3040  
050 Agricultural development HMP3050 *3050
051 Adlay R&D HMP3051 3051
052 Pantukan by Mamanwa tribe HMP3052 3052
060 The woman’s right in the community HMP3060 *
061 Supporting projects for violated women HMP3061  
062 Education for mothers about nutrition and hygiene HMP3062  
063 Education for mothers-to-be HMP3063  
070 Environment protection HMP3070  
080 Water Purification HMP3080 *
081 Water purification project Adlay HMP3081  
No Description Project No Link
010 FTMW Operating budget CHP4010  
020 FTMW Transports CHP4020  
030 FTMW Visiting work CHP4030  
040 Single projects decided by FTMW, Philippines CHP4040 *
041 MOF March on Faith Christian Church, Riverside People CHP4041  
044 ABC Ambassador Baptist Church, Handicap equipment CHP4044 4044
046 SCMC Santiago Christian Mission Church, Manobo CHP4046 4046
050 Single projects decided by FTMS, Sweden CHP4050  
051 Jovelyn Klaveness, Children of the Subtropical Rainforest CHP4051 4051
060 Bible school CHP4060 *
061 Education of Missionaries CHP4061  
062 Summer camp for children CHP4062  
No Description Project No Link
010 Group sponsorship REP5010 *
011 Manobo REP5011  
012 Mamanwa REP5012  
071 Badjao REP5013  
020 Relations – Living together in the community REP5020  
030 House Construction REP5030 *
031 House Construction for Islamic groups REP5031  
032 House Construction for tribes REP5032 5032
SABCH001   Bethany Children's Home The Salvation Army
001 Special project for The Salvation Army Link to Salvation Army pages of Bethany Children's home SABCH001
* Means that donation is split even or used where it is best in need within this group
Donations can be paid to us in EURO on followed account:
IBAN SE31 9500 0099 6042 0418 2960
Bank: NORDEA Sweden
For further information, please contact:
FTMS Filipino Tribe Mission Sweden                                                 Reg. No: 802422-2393
Att: Klaveness
Örngränd 3
681 43 Kristinehamn, Sweden
Phone: +46 760 675 238
Cell Phone: +46 705 987 266
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Bg 5495-2361
Print if payment is in SEK or EURO
Bank: NORDEA Sweden
IBAN SE31 9500 0099 6042 0418 2960

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