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News from previous years are shown below.



Previous 2011

Typhoon Buhawe - Urgent message
by FTMS Filipino Tribe Mission on Wednesday, 05 January 2011 at 08:30
Urgent message from our area coordinator in Agusan del Sur.
For extended help, click contact us-link on menu bar for details how to transfer money.
This is Pastor Lorenzo and Raquel.
This is an urgent letter for you and the FTMS Sweden.
We are now hit by a great tornado/a great calamity a flash flood that the water in Gebong River plus the tornado (Buhawe) in the high mountain that probably is the cause of the flood. The churches here were financially hard up and the rain is still going on and on.
Any help you may extend for us is highly appreciated. Of course help us pray so that the rain will stop. Its only the divine intervention that will spare us.
Your network friend and Area Coordinator FTMS Prosperidad,
Pastor Lory and Raquel
FTMS ask you, if you contribute in this matter, to mark your payment "Buhawe", and the money donated will be sent to Pastor couple Quintas for use to their work to restore the damage and start their children's activities


Previous 2010

During fall 2010 FTMS has started a feeding program for Mamanwa elementary school students in Adlay, Carrascal.
It is running well and we have established good relation to their teacher, who help us giving food tickets to the children. As soon as they have attended morning and afternoon class for education, they receive a ticket and can come to our canteen and receive free breakfast and lunch.
This is a project we wish to extend to the whole village, including preschool, elementary and High school. Please help us run this program by being a sponsor/donor through small monthly gifts or payments.
June is here and FTMS will be exposed during the Torp Conference in Örebro, Sweden. If you are close, please come by and visit us there.
It is a pleasure to see that we also have a collection running for the aid to Children's Health Care, CYP1100, at the Salvation Army Corp in Ystad, Sweden during May 18 to June 18.
From our lecture and meeting in Källeryd last May 8, we collected SEK2,050 that is donated to CHP4051, the project Jovelyn Klaveness is running to give food and materials to the students of the Mamanwa tribe in Adlay, Carrascal.
We want to make attention on our newsletters on separate link above. News will flow more often through them, while shout-out news will be displayed here as well.
Our co-operator from Sweden and Norway, Reverend Thor Johnny Thoresen, who is present in the Philippines until April 2010, is sharing from his experiences in our first newsletter for 2010, as he did in the latest editions from 2009.
He gives insight in the work to transfer the sponsors money unto practical things of need, both for the children as for their families and the society. During this work, Thor Johnny has been locally well-known, since he has been taken captive twice but released when the kidnappers understood that FTMW/FTMS is working for the welfare of the people, independent of race, religion or political viewpoint.
FTMW Annual meeting has been held during the month of January and a new board will soon be introduced to you in newsletters and at FTMW page.
The work is going strongly forward and we will express a great thank you to all of you who has contributed to our work and made it possible. Thank you both for your time in the fields as well as given gifts of various kind. God blesses your gift.



Previous 2009

Reverend Thor Johnny Thoresen was last month in a small accident in which he fell with the motor in the rain and got hurt his knee and foot. He tells that he is ok and is now living in Surigao del Sur where he is, beside writing on his essay, giving preaching's in different churches and in the Cantilan Radio through the Gospel hour with pastor Ricaredo Huelma.
Soon it's Christmas and we are also looking forward to do our annual updates among the godchildren and share the Christmas gospel of joy and love with them. If you want to help us share, join us by giving a gift through some of our bank accounts as shown lowest each page or sign up as a sponsor for a child or a tribe.
Reverend Thor Johnny Thoresen is back in the Philippines and is during the months until Christmas visiting the children and continues the education and development together with the board of FTMW and its co-operators.
He will in short update this pages with news from this ongoing work and more details will come in our newsletters. Just keep yourself updated by visit our pages regularly.
We are updating after having a virus in our computer, why first half of 2009 have not yet been shown online. So also most of 2008 disappeared while restoring the pages.

We will continue our updates. Here is some news already to browse on our pages:

  1.  New board shown at FTMW link

  2.  New co-operators shown at Churches in network

  3.  Corrections on addresses in the Philippines

  4.  Corrections on co-operators in the Philippines

More to come:

  1.  New Godchildren in: Babuyan, Cantilan, Lanuza, Prosperidad

  2.  Presentations of our new co-operators

  3.  Presentation of our new projects in cooperation with MSWD and other departments, NGO and organizations

We still urge for more sponsors to our children, tribes and projects.
As we see a high number of malnourished children, we need to reach out with more education and livelihood projects. It is impossible without your participation. Thank you very much - Maraming salamat po.


Previous 2008

January 26
Three headmen of Mamanwa called today our chairman of FTMW for an urgent meeting due to the continuous diseases of the Mamanwa tribe. Lack of hygiene and poverty is still an important issue to solve.
We need more sponsors to our hygiene projects. Are you able to contribute? Please sign up as soon as possible! Thanks and God bless you!
January 22 School update
We received today the report of FTMW due to that seven out of nine of the Mamanwa children quitted elementary school during last semester. - "We need to investigate why and what we are able to do", was the urgent request from FTMS.
Reverend and Chairman of FTMW, Ebenezer P. Morales, visited principal of Adlay Elementary School and received following explanation of the circumstances.
   The principal called already in August to an emergency meeting to instruct the teachers and the higher level class students "not to say something that can offend the tribe".
   There are four issues that is to be solved so that Mamanwa children can continue their proper school work.
1. Children against children
- It means that the discrimination was neither from the teacher nor from the principal.
2. Lack of food
- The children go to school and not yet have breakfast.
- No allowance, so during the snack time they look at the children buying their snacks.
3. Absences
- During fiesta, the parents bring the children to the fiesta for 3 - 4 days, so the children is always absent.
Goes with the parents to the mountains, to help their parents of their daily living.
January 17 update
We received today the report of FTMW Adlay, reporting about the situation for the Mamanwa tribe, moved in from the jungle outside Pantukan. They are now living in Adlay since May 2007, and some of the adult are employed in the new mining company and some in farming.
The tribe of Mamanwa increased during the year to 27 families, because of their relatives that come from Leyte. In the whole 2007, three children are dead because of Amoeba, and two adult died because of tuberculoses and Ulcer. Ten persons FTMW has brought to Madrid Hospital during the year.
In the Elementary School, discrimination of the new darker children is that much serious, that we need to update principal, teachers and parents to take action against it. We have now two Mamanwa children that decide not attend in the school again because of discrimination. It is not acceptable that they feel lack of respect and no backup from the school management. Help us inspire all children to feel welcome to school. Education and later practice of education is the future for a better country. These children are an important member in "ang Kapamilya ng Pilipinas!"
FTMW does its best to the tribe, together with Manobo and citizens of Adlay. Still there is not enough money to create good medical examination and treatment. Tuberculoses are a comparably easy disease to treat, but because of lack of knowledge many still die due to this sickness.
Since the Municipal of Carrascal is increasing in responsibility when Mamanwa now have decided to be an active part of the community, there are also more citizen to handle with the same small amount of tax money from the government. In short sight we need to make investments that teach the citizens to take active part in their own development when it comes to agriculture and forestry.
It is now very important that as many as possible, both locally in the Philippines and interested investors and donors abroad help us sharing knowledge to the people. In case you are not able to take active part, you are able to be a sponsor to any of our children. This work continues and cover the whole region called the CARAGA-region. God bless you.


Previous 2007

November 8
Urgent Prayer request:
Last Sunday two of Mamanwa are in the hospital because of diarrhoea. Three was brought there but two remain in the hospital.
The outbreak of diarrhoea is a part in the situation under which Mamanwa lives. It is important to increase their knowledge of hygiene and nutrition.
Pray for their healing.


Mamanwa increasing in Adlay!
Since Mamanwa only had three families in Pantukan and started their children's education, they have now increased to 25 families! The reason is that the Mamanwas relatives from other places heard about their education in Adlay, why they now have come to Adlay to attend the lessons in the hope to receive help through education.
We will therefore lift the question to you to be a part of the help in the development of Mamanwa. Also that we hope to reach you who is a part of LGU and Government with this information, since it is a trial to the whole Adlay to take part in the changes that now is undergone.
We are very happy to see the positive changes so far and have full confidence in that this process will succeed with more job, and better qualities in the citizens daily life. Today Mamanwa is no longer beggars, today they are a part of the society!
FTMW have now an ongoing educational work for tribal children in Adlay, Carrascal with volunteer teachers from the Adlay National High School.
Last 1st batch only one teacher, a member of GNCC Adlay, was hardly working, with help from church members to raise the basic literacy for the children from Mamanwa and Manobo tribe in the neighbour area. Follow this link
Now in August 7, 2nd batch started up and on our meeting we had our assignment who will be the teacher for the following subject to teach:
Subject Volunteer Teachers Schedule
Religion/Gospel hour Ptr. Levy Cruiz Tuesday & Thursday
Filipino Ging-ging Tuesday & Thursday
English Mrs. Remy Suniel Saturday
Science Mr. Rafael Anahaw Saturday
Math Mr. Jonathan Limbago Saturday
The high school teachers choose only Saturdays because they are teaching the high school students from Monday to Saturday. I am sure that these 2nd batch literacy the children will acquire more knowledge compared from the 1st batch, because there are already individual teachers for every subject.
Family, that have received sponsor in Sweden, is found missing in their registered address since the father of the family deceased in 2005. The family is told to be living in the street and FTMW started to investigate where the family has gone. Eventually, in August 9, the family was found.
We hope to be able to help them from a life in the streets to a better life with education to the children. Still we are missing two sponsors to children in this family. Are you interested to be one of them? Contact us instantly. Money is used to the whole family in this situation.
FTMW ask for assistance to help our new tribal children with school uniform, shoes, bag and utilities for the school, since they can not afford it.
If you want to contribute, just read the information lowest this page and make a donation, mark EDP2020 Material for school education. Thank you very much!

May 30

FTMW invites the citizens to a recognition program for the Mamanwa tribal people with the theme: "Train up a child in the way he should go"
Nine children is applying to the Elementary school. Their registration is done, they has made an entrance test and all nine passed! In June the school start with nine children aged 7 to 14, split up  in two grade one classes.

Beginning of April

Mamanwa tribe from Pantukan settlement came down to Adlay to prepare for their children to apply to Adlay Elementary school.
Much time is spent to register the children to the register to receive birth certificates. Actually no one in their families is registered before which make it even harder.


Previous 2006

November 6:
Urgent Prayer:
Last week I and the Mamanwa are in Cabanhawan and the Datu, Filipe, slided, and it so happen he cannot stand and walk.
Pray for healing and provision FTMW would bring him to the hospital.
See our new started school for Mamanwa in Pantukan. Here you can see their first report. They are in big need of your immediate support.
October 17:
I need urgent Prayer support of my two kids, Aziel and Magi Praise, yesterday are in high fiver I observe and until today fiver is still high.
My wife Gena ask me to bring the kids to the hospital but I no money to fee the bell. My family are in heart of crisis.
As of now I don't know how much I need for their hospital.
Please .............. Pray for my kids.
Pastor Ebenezer P. Morales

Brewery car upside down

Kay-ongan bridge went upside down in May 8 and turned a brewery car from Pepsi Company upside down in the water
Kay-ongan bridge turned

Nobody hurt or wounded but...

Fiesta ng Pepsi
it became a poplar attraction since there was no way to save the Pepsi and 7-up than to drink them!
We were during April and May again visiting Mindanao from Sweden and made it possible to you to follow up us "live" during this visit. You are able to follow the link to the right to see what happened during this visit. Link to our visit during April and May in the Philippines
You are able to become a sponsor today to a child in the Philippines. Follow these links for more information:

Report of diarrhoea in Adlay broken out in February.

Reported by Pastor Ebenezer P. Morales

February 25:

Urgent need of Prayer.

Adlay is  in the critical condition because of continue of sickness called DIARRHOEA

CONFIRMED DEAD is seven(7), and 27 are now in the hospital. Pray for healing of our Community of Adlay.

March 7:

The situation here in Adlay still diarrhoea on going. Last Friday two old women died because of diarrhoea, I also brought a two months old baby to the hospital, the same cause diarrhoea. Not only in Adlay but some barangay of Carrascal, Cantilan, Madrid, and Carmen as well.

March 21:

Situation seems to be under control. Still Doctor has not declared area as safe.

Everything is under control. Thanks for your prayers


Previous 2005

We were during December visiting Mindanao from Sweden and made it possible to you to follow up us "live" when we visited our sponsor children. You are able to follow the link from this page to see what happened during this visit.

Link to our visit during December in the Philippines


You are able to become a sponsor today to a child in the Philippines. Follow these links for more information:
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